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Welcome to the home of the Salem Rams
by posted 07/25/2014



If you have not passed in your daughters medical release form or have not signed the certification record form you MUST come see me at the spirit table before you bring your daughter down to the field on Monday night. I will be set up at 5:15 in the back parking lot of the high school. These two requirements are state mandated and there will be no exceptions made to anyone regardless of the reason. If you do not have the medical release form signed, dated and stamped by your daughters doctor and the certification signed. She will NOT be allowed to participate in any part of practice.

Your cheer coaches are ready and excited to start working with your girls. The returning veteran cheerleaders are pumped up to start a new season, and many new faces are eager to learn all about cheerleading. The Salem Rams cheerleaders always give 100% on the field and on the mats. So let's aim for 100% of the girls being able to participate on the first night of practice this coming Monday, July 28th at 6 p.m.


Any questions please email me at

Thank you,

Kristin Sorenson

Spirit Registrar

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Calendar Raffle
by posted 07/25/2014

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the calendar raffle and I wanted to make some clarifications. The calendar raffle is in place of the raffle tickets we have sold in previous seasons. 

At the documentation clinic, each family was asked to give a fundraising check in the amount of $100 to be cashed this month. This buys the family 10 calendars. Families can then resell the calendars for $10 each if they choose to, to make their money back.

The bottom portion of the calendar needs to be filled out and returned to Lauren Strob by August 28th. Make sure you put your child's name (if only one child in the league) or family name (if more than one child in the league) and the team or teams your child(ren) plays on before turning in the bottom portion of your calendars. 

Late calendars will be accepted, but winners are chosen each day in September based on the entrants already turned in. If your calendar is late you will miss the prizes already pulled. 

If a family does not wish to resell their calendars, they can fill out the bottom of the calendar themselves and enter their own family as they have already paid for those 10 calendars. 

If you wish to sell more than the 10 calendars, please contact Lauren to make arrangements to get more calendars. 

This is a mandatory fundraiser for all Rams families, so if you have not given a fundraising check, and/or have not received your calendars please contact Lauren , Kim or Kristin

Thank you and please contact Lauren with any questions!

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Comedy Night!
by posted 07/24/2014

Reminder: The adults only Comedy Night to benefit the Salem Rams will be held Thursday August 14, 2014 at Chunky's Cinema Pub in Pelham. Doors open at 6pm for food and drinks followed by a live Comedy Show and a 50/50 raffle! Please contact Lauren: to purchase tickets. There is a maximum number of tickets we can sell, so get yours today! 

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Next Texas Hold 'em Event scheduled for Saturday July 26
by posted 07/14/2014

The Salem Rams are looking for volunteers to help support the Texas Hold 'em Fund Raising Event scheduled for Saturday, July 26th at Rockingham Park. All shifts are open and available.  See schedule below.

You must be badged for 2014 in order to work this event.

No Poker knowledge is needed. We simply staff a desk to sell tickets for poker games.

The Rams have increased the reimbursement to $200 for volunteering 12 hours at Texas Hold'em. Also, those work 6 hours can get 50% of your Registration Fee Returned.


Hours / Shifts Staffing
11:45a - 12:00p  (Open)                     /
12:00p - 1:00p                     /     
1:45p - 2:00p                     /     
2:00p - 3:00p                        /     
3:00p - 4:00p                     /
4:00p - 5:00p                     / Tom
5:00p - 6:00p                     / Tom
6:00p - 7:00p                     / Tom
7:00p - 8:00p            Paul / Tom
8:00p - 9:00p            Paul / Ela
9:00p - 10:00p           Paul /Ela
10:00p - 11:00p            Paul / Ela
11:00p-12:00a Close             Dan / Ela


If you can help out, please contact me at to let me know what times you can work.

Thank you for your help!!

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Salem Rams Chunky's Comedy Night Fundraiser
by posted 07/09/2014

The Salem Rams are happy to announce an adult only comedy night out fundraiser at Chunky's Cinema Pub in Pelham, NH Thursday August 14th 2014. Tickets are only $20.00 per adult and can be purchased with cash or a check made out to Salem Rams.

Tickets can be purchased through Lauren Strob via

Tickets can also be purchased at:

The Salem Rams 2014 Documentation Clinic

Tuesday July 15th 6:30-8:00 PM

 Salem Derry Elks Club

39 Shadow Lake Road

Salem, NH 03079

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Reminder - Salem Rams Documentation Clinic
by posted 06/26/2014

Salem Rams Documentation 2014 Clinic Check List


Please bring the following on

Tuesday July 15th 6:30-8:00 PM

 To Salem Derry Elks Club

39 Shadow Lake Road

Salem, NH 03079


Per child except as noted - Do not combine checks

All forms can be found in the documents section of the Rams web site.  Be sure to click on the plus sign next to the folder “Paper Work Clinic Documents Folder”.


Deposit Checks: (cashed unless obligations are fulfilled)

  • Volunteer Deposit Check $50 (Spirit & Football)
  • Tag Day Deposit Check $50 (Spirit & Football)


Fundraising Check: $100 (will be cashed in July)

  • One check per family.
  • Each family will receive 10 Gift Raffle Calendars, that can be resold at $10 per calendar.
  • One winner will drawn daily during the month of September 2014.
  • Please stop by the fundraising table for more details.


2013/2014 Report Card:

  • Grades:
    • 4 thru 8:  Two (2) Copies please
    • K – 3:     One (1) copy please
  • Must include school name
  • Student Name w/year on all pages
  • Contain all 4 quarters
  • Include portion of report card specifying grade for Fall 2014


Medical Clearance Form:

  • Must be signed and dated after January 1st. 2014
  • No Physical is necessary, No vaccine records are required.
  • Please use the medical clearance form under the documents tab located on the website.



Please review the 2014 Registration Clinic Document checklist for all other required paperwork. If you have not already passed it in, you can print them from home and bring with you on the 15th. 





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Texas Hold'em CHRI Forms/ Photo's Due
by posted 06/15/2014


The Rams are in the process of renewing our agreement for another year at Rockingham Park.  We are looking for new volunteers to be badged for 2014.

You can get reimbursed up to 100% of your 2014 Registration Fee by helping out with the Rams Texas Holdem fundraiser in 2014.  The Rams have 10 dates with Rockingham Park Gaming starting in January and running through the end of the year.  All games are at Rockingham Park in Salem.  Most dates are before August so we do not conflict with our football and cheerleading season.  Just work a total of six hours at the Rams Sit n Go kiosk and the Rams will send you a reimbursement check for half the 2014 registration fee, or work 12 hours and receive a check for the entire registration fee.  No Poker Knowledge is needed.  Rockingham Gaming manages all Poker Games, Chips, Cards and Dealing.  We just sell tickets to the games behind the main counter with Rockingham Gaming.

If you are interested in helping out, we will need following  two items completed to start the process.

Two Passport Pictures: - This applies to all new parents/volunteers to Texas Holdem who did not have a Texas Holdem badge for 2013.  Pictures can be taken at several locations in Salem.  (i.e.  Rite Aid Stores, Kinkos / Fed Ex.)  Save your receipt from the pictures so The Rams can reimburse you for the pictures.

NH State Police CHRI Application: - This form needs to printed, signed and notarized before you turn in the form.  If you go to Enterprise Bank on Main Street in Salem and mention the Salem Rams, they will notarized your CHRI for free.  The Rams will be covering the $25 charge per CHRI submission.  The CHRI PDF can be found by clicking here.  This PDF has the type writer feature enabled so you can type your information on to the form and it will print out on the form.  Note:  You can not save the form (PDF) with your personal data.

As usual, anyone working by staffing the Sit n Go Desk for a total of six hours over our 10 nights of Texas Holdem will receive 50% of the registration fee for 2013, and 100% of the registration fee for 12 hours.  You can spread the hours out over as many nights as you want (attend three dates and work a two hour shift per date or work the six hours during one date.  Your Choice on how to get to six or twelve hours!!)


Please return the two passport pictures and completed CHRI form to Dan Michaud ( )  or Pete Santarelli ( ) by October 18, 2013.  You can drop them off up at the booth at our final home games this weekend!   Once we have the the two items we will contact you for the remaining information required by the New Hampshire State Charitable Gaming and Racing Commission. ( Address, DOB, SSN, Month/Year you joined the Rams organization)

Please contact Dan or Pete with any questions. 

This is an important fund raiser for the Rams as it has allowed the Rams to purchase several major items for the organization ( Uniforms, Mats, Sleds, Helmets) without increasing our registration fee over the past few years.

To see the list of remaining dates for 2013, please go the team page for the Texas Hold'em team under the 2013 Season. The dates for the 2014 season will be added soon.

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Dick's Sporting Goods provides NHYFSC Special Offers
by posted 03/20/2012
Dick's Sporting Good is offering all members of the NHYFSC Special Offers on equipment, apparel and accessories for football and cheerleading.

Offers valid from March 13, 2012 to December 31, 2012

Click on the images below to download the coupons:


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