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Academic Achievement Awards
by posted 04/08/2014

The Salem Rams were once again well represented at the NHYFSC Academic Achievement Awards Banquet held in Manchester this past Sunday.  This is a tremendous source of pride for our Salem Rams program as year in and year out, our football players and cheerleaders set the bar for academic excellence throughout the entire NHYFSC.

It is my pleasure to recognize the following Salem Rams, who earned top honors and monetary scholarships in recognition of their exceptional academic achievements:


$500 Scholarship                              $1,000 Scholarship                          $5,000 Scholarship

Jackson Burns                                    Jared Burns                                        Donavan Abraham

Michael Glynn III                              Lily Iascone

Elizabeth Fallisi

Kylee Lacreta

Patrick Norcross

Julia St. Hiliare


Congratulations also go out to a long list of Salem Rams who were recognized as Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificate award winners:

GOLD                                                    SILVER                                           BRONZE

Donovan Abraham                          Hayden Blood                                    Matthew Adams

Adan Ayala                                     Alex Borghetti                                   Adam Angelo

Matthew Bergeron                         Veronica Boutin                                  John Bennett III

Derek Bosworth                               Michael Boutin                                  Jacob Brady

Corbin Brantmuller                          Dylan Brown                                      Alyssa Cloutier

Jared Burns                                      Kyle Chute                                          Jayda Davis

Jackson Burns                                  Connor Chute                                     Madison Esmeal

Corey Cochran                                 Cody Clements                                  Sebastian Johnson

Marcus Dominguez                         Brian Collins                                      Jonah Ludwig

Kiana Drew                                      Matthew David                                  Aidan Pacheco

Roman Fabrizio                                James Desmond                                Jordan Scott

Elizabeth Fallisi                                Beau Dillon                                       Andrew Thedsanamoorthy

Zachary Gibbons                              Ty Donatio                                          Alex Weston

Tyler Glynn                                       Marshall Donnelly

Michael Glynn III                              Philip Giordano

Owen Gormley                                  Edward Graziano

Craig Harris                                        Dylan Laudani

Lily Iascone                                        Andrew Martineau

Jordan Labossiere                               Dylan McKeon

Kylee Lacreta                                     Nicolas Mulry

Benjamin Laycock                            Thomas Nickerson

Eli Lumb                                             Sean O’Neill

William Michaud                               Joshua Ozoria

John Moeckel                                    Lindsey Poindexter

Tanner Morgano                               Hunter Poland

Riley Mulvey                                    Ava Sorenson

Kyle Murphy                                     Alex Tiberio

Patrick Norcross                                Nicholas Toupin

Oba Oseghali

Noah Poulin

Kyle Poulin

Cooper Ribaudo

Richard Siracusa

Grace Sorenson

Nathan Spires

Nicholas Spires

Julia St. Hilaire

Torin Terry

Allison Tiller

Kylee Tomasi

Taylor Vartanian

Brandon Wall

Carson Wante

Nathaniel Wante


Congratulations to all those earning awards – keep up the good work!

And a special thank you to Ela Poulin, Salem Rams 2013 Scholastics Manager, for all her hard work in putting together academic packages for each of the names listed above.

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Texas Hold'em CHRI Forms/ Photo's Due
by posted 10/12/2013

The Rams are in the process of renewing our agreement for another year at Rockingham Park.  We are looking for new volunteers to be badged for 2014.

You can get reimbursed up to 100% of your 2014 Registration Fee by helping out with the Rams Texas Holdem fundraiser in 2014.  The Rams have 10 dates with Rockingham Park Gaming starting in January and running through the end of the year.  All games are at Rockingham Park in Salem.  Most dates are before August so we do not conflict with our football and cheerleading season.  Just work a total of six hours at the Rams Sit n Go kiosk and the Rams will send you a reimbursement check for half the 2014 registration fee, or work 12 hours and receive a check for the entire registration fee.  No Poker Knowledge is needed.  Rockingham Gaming manages all Poker Games, Chips, Cards and Dealing.  We just sell tickets to the games behind the main counter with Rockingham Gaming.

If you are interested in helping out, we will need following  two items completed to start the process.

Two Passport Pictures: - This applies to all new folks to Texas Holdem who did not have a Texas Holdme badge for 2013.  Pictures can be taken at several locations in Salem.  (i.e.  Rite Aid Stores, Kinkos / Fed Ex.)  Save your receipt from the pictures so The Rams can reimburse you for the pictures.

NH State Police CHRI Application: - This form needs to printed, signed and notarized before you turn in the form.  If you go to Enterprise Bank on Main Street in Salem and mention the Salem Rams, they will notarized your CHRI for free.  The Rams will be covering the $25 charge per CHRI submission.  The CHRI PDF can be found by clicking here.  This PDF has the type writer feature enabled so you can type your information on to the form and it will print out on the form.  Note:  You can not save the form (PDF) with your personal data.

As usual, anyone working by staffing the Sit n Go Desk for a total of six hours over our 10 nights of Texas Holdem will receive 50% of the registration fee for 2013, and 100% of the registration fee for 12 hours.  You can spread the hours out over as many nights as you want (attend three dates and work a two hour shift per date or work the six hours during one date.  Your Choice on how to get to six or twelve hours!!)
Please return the two passport pictures and completed CHRI form to Dan Michaud ( )  or Pete Santarelli ( ) by October 18, 2013.  You can drop them off up at the booth at our final home games this weekend!   Once we have the the two items we will contact you for the remaining information required by the New Hampshire State Charitable Gaming and Racing Commission. ( Address, DOB, SSN, Month/Year you joined the Rams organization)

Please contact Dan or Pete with any questions. 

This is an important fund raiser for the Rams as it has allowed the Rams to purchase several major items for the organization ( Uniforms, Mats, Sleds, Helmets) without increasing our registration fee over the past few years.

To see the list of remaining dates for 2013, please go the team page for the Texas Hold'em team under the 2013 Season. The dates for the 2014 season will be added soon.
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Dick's Sporting Goods provides NHYFSC Special Offers
by posted 03/20/2012
Dick's Sporting Good is offering all members of the NHYFSC Special Offers on equipment, apparel and accessories for football and cheerleading.

Offers valid from March 13, 2012 to December 31, 2012

Click on the images below to download the coupons:


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