The WHA is dedicated to the growth and development of youth hockey. The WHA exists as an educational / recreational organization that provides a progressive pathway for children from ages 4 - 18 how to play the exciting game of ice hockey.

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New USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Module Requirements
  Dear USA Hockey-registered Coach, It is an...
New USA Hockey Coaching Certification Requirements
   News and Information: Starting September...
Winterhurst Hockey Association Coaches Corner
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New USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Module Requirements
Dear USA Hockey-registered Coach,

It is an exciting time to be a part of USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program. Throughout the month of September we will launch our new online age-specific modules. These modules represent a revolutionary approach to help you become the best hockey coach possible. We are providing you with information specific to the age level of play you are coaching so you can reach your players where they are in their developmental process.

Each week in September will feature the launch of a new age level module, beginning with the 8 & Under Module on September 6th. The full schedule is as follows:
      September 6th: 8 & Under (Mites)
      September 13th: 10 & Under (Squirts)
      September 20th: 12 & Under (Peewees)
      September 27th: 14 & Under (Bantams), and 16/18/19 & Under (Midgets)

The modules feature presentations from USA Hockey and current and former National Team Development staff members, NHL and collegiate coaches, and subject-specific experts, i.e., nutritionists, psychologist, etc. Each age level consists of topics ranging from specific skill development (skating, passing, shooting, body contact, etc.) to goaltending to nutrition and sleep needs of players. All subjects and concepts will be conveyed using video presentations, drill examples, white board graphics, animation, etc.

Modules must be completed before December 31st of the current playing season. Once you register you have 30 days in which to complete the module. All modules started after December 1st still must be completed by December 31st.  Please click here to find out more information on the modules and to register.

The new CEP requirements passed by USA Hockey's Board of Directors back in June 2010 require you to complete a module for each age level of play you are coaching. You can complete more than one module per season but can only be registered for one module at a time. The cost for each module is $10. You will also need your USA Hockey membership confirmation number in order to register for the modules. Please click here for information on retrieving that number.

Thank you for being an integral part of the USA Hockey family. You are the direct connection in creating a life-long love of the game in our young players. We hope you find these modules to be a valuable tool in creating that environment. Thank you for all you do.

Mark Tabrum
Director, CEP
New USA Hockey Coaching Certification Requirements
 News and Information:

Starting September 1, 2011 the new coaching requirements will into effect. USA Hockey has now eliminated the requirements that a coach has to obtain a certain coaching certification level to coach a certain age group. Starting this season (2011-12) coaches are simply required to attend one clinic per season and progress one level each year until they reach level 3. In addition to a coach having to attend one clinic level per season, each coach will have to take an online module for the age level that they are coaching.

Once a coach receives level 3, then that certification is good for two seasons. However, there is one exception to this rule; A current level 3 coach who is coaching a national tournament bound team has to progress to level 4.

Options for Coaches who Currently Have Level 3:
Attend a Level 4 Clinic: The rule is still in effect that once a coach attends a Level 4 clinic, you are no longer required to attend another clinic and Level 4 is good for life.   You can register for the Level 4 clinics by going to under the coaches section.

Recertify online: Starting September 1st, a coach who has completed level 3 or has completed the level 3 certification online in the past, can fulfill their requirements by taking the Level 3 recertification online. We now have two tracks of level 3 online re-certification. Track A is for those who have never taken the online course in the past. Track B is for those who have taken the online class in the past. The recertification online can be accessed at

If you have additional questions,  go to the coaches section of the USA Hockey web site at . There is a FAQ section which will answer most of your questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to email me at
Winterhurst Hockey Association Coaches Corner
Welcome to the Winterhurst Hockey Association Coaches  Corner.  These pages will be dedicated to keeping our coaches up to date with current events and to provide a database of coaching information.  Please check back often for updated information.