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Below is the link to the site where you will order your child's uniform. You must choose the correct team name and number based on your daughter's/son's grade in order to submit your uniform order. When you go to the site there are two boxes where you enter in your team number and name. For example, if your son is in 4th grade you will enter 255 for the Team number and for the team name you will enter NB4. If you enter the info correctly it will take you to the page where you can pick the uniform size. After you submit the sizes, the next screen is where you will pick your uniform number. This is first come/first serve. Please remember do not order #26, it will not be honored. The system will then ask you to create a registration. The last step is submitting payment.
Your child will now keep his/her uniform until they grow out of it (or lose it). All uniforms must be ordered by Sunday night. If you do not place your order by Sunday evening a $25 fee will be added onto the cost of the uniform and we cannot guarantee that we will have your child's size.
For those that did not make it last night to the NYA but would like to try on a sample of the uniform, we will be at the NYA on Sunday morning from 9:00 to 11:00.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Newtown Girls 2nd Grade
Number: 246
Name: NG2
Newtown Girls 3rd Grade
Number: 247
Name: NG3

Newtown Girls 4th Grade
Number: 248
Name: NG4

Newtown Girls 5th Grade
Number: 249
Name: NG5

Newtown Girls 6th Grade
Number: 250
Name: NG6

Newtown Girls 7th Grade
Number: 251
Name: NG7

Newtown Girls 8th Grade
Number: 252
Name: NG8

Newtown Boys 2nd Grade
Number: 253
Name: NB2

Newtown Boys 3rd Grade
Number: 254
Name: NB3

Newtown Boys 4th Grade
Number: 255
Name: NB4

Newtown Boys 5th Grade
Number: 256
Name: NB5

Newtown Boys 6th Grade
Number: 257
Name: NB6

Newtown Boys 7th Grade
Number: 258
Name: NB7

Newtown Boys 8th Grade
Number: 259
Name: NB8