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Empire Amateur Hockey Conference (EAHC)
2019-2020 Conference Timeline
Month           Date            Agenda                                          

        May                 13            Monthly Meeting                                       7:00    BG Iceplex​
        June                 10            Monthly Meeting                                       7:00    BG Iceplex
        July                   8            Monthly Meeting                                       7:00    BG Iceplex
        August            12            Monthly Meeting                                       7:00     BG Iceplex

        September        9            Monthly Meeting                                       7:00     BGIceplex
                                                Preliminary Team Counts Due 8U to 18U

        September        23           Petitions for 10U & 12U Blue Teams Due to EAHC President

        September      20-29       Scheduling of All Thruway Series Games
        September      28-29       RWB/Mite (8U) Pre-Season Jamboree              Lakeshore Ice Arena

        September        30           Pre-scheduling Meeting                              7:00    BG Iceplex
                                Final Team Counts Due 8U to 18U, Petitions Reviewed, Commissioner Training

        October             8            Squirt-Midget Scheduling Meeting  6:30  East High School
                                                  East High School, 1801 E Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

        October           10            RWB (8U) Scheduling Meeting                  6:30         East High School

        October           19             EAHC Squirt thru Midget Season Starts
                                                Conference Fee Statements Mailed

        October           26             EAHC RWB/Mite (8U) Season Starts (Cross Ice Games Start)

        November        11            Monthly Meeting                                        7:00     BG Iceplex

        December        9              Monthly Meeting                                        7:00     BG IcePlex
        December        31             USA Hockey Team Rosters Frozen
                                                All Coaches must be certified at the Proper CEP level he/she is coaching

        January            1             Conference Fees Due
        January           13            Monthly Meeting                                        7:00     BG IcePlex
        February         10            Monthly Meeting                                        7:00     BG IcePlex
        February         16            All Snowbelt Games Completed

        February         23            EAHC Season ends for Squirt thru Midget teams
        February         23            Thruway Series Playoffs for RED Teams  

        February         27-29       EAHC Playoffs for Squirt thru Midgets
        February         29            EAHC Season ends for RWB/Mite (8U) Teams
        February 29-March 1     EAHC Championship Games                           Webster Ice Arena

        March             11            Monthly Meeting                                        7:00     BG IcePlex
        April               13             Monthly Meeting - Officer Transition            7:00     BG Iceplex

All meetings are held at the (TBD-may change for 2019-20) Bill Grey's Iceplex which is located at 2700 Brighton-Henrietta Rd. on the MCC Campus in Henrietta, NY.  All Monthly Meetings are “Open” to all interested parties.  Contact the Empire President or Secretary to add any items to the meeting agenda.
The EAHC Directory has a list of the EAHC Board of Directors.
Web-Site: www.empirehockey.org    Click on the "Contacts" link on the left hand side of the main webpage.