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MARA Basketball 
Frequently Asked Questions
Several of the most frequently asked questions about MARA Basketball are answered on the MARA website and we are happy to answer any other questions you have.  

Some common questions are listed below:

What ages can play?   Players age 5 to 15 years old as of August 1, 2019 (Girls age 5-13)

Can my child play in an older age group?   Yes.  Please register in their age appropriate group (child's actual age), then send an email to your commissioner requesting your child be moved "up" an age group and the commissioner can make the adjustment.  


Number of practices?   2-3 per week until games start in December; 1-2 per week after games start.

Number of Games?   12 over 9 weeks (December 7th - February 2nd) and playoffs for Boys.  Girls - 8 games and Playoff.  Co-ed AA - 8 games


What time are the Games?   Anytime between 8:30am - 7:30pm on Saturdays and 1:00pm -  8:00pm on Sundays. (Co-ed AA and Girls Saturdays Only).  No weeknight games.  Practices only on the weekdays.


How are your games structured?   We structure our games like Middle School and High Schools. 4 8-minute quarters with no running clock.  Professonally trained referees like the Middle School and High Schools use.  Games typically take 1 hr to complete.


How is Co-ed AA structuted?   Co-ed AA will play on short goals and will be Saturdays only from 9:00 - 3:00.  These games aren't structured games like the other divisions since kids this ages are just learning the games.  This age level will have student referees.


Where are the practices and games?   Depending on your age, we use local High (Butler, Providence), Middle (South Charlotte, Crestdale, McClintock, JM Robinson) and Elementary (Matthews and Elizabeth Lane) Schools.


Is there a post season tournament?    Yes - for all leagues other than AA, there will be a single elimination Tournament of Champions in February (refer to dates on information tab).  Medals will be awarded for 1st and 2ndplace.


What are the rules?   Rules vary by age and they are posted on this website under "Documents".

What associations do we participate with?   Only Boys D and Girls will participate with outside organizations.  Boys A, B, C and Co-ed AA will compete within MARA only.

Number of players per team?   Usually 8 or 9,( with 6 per team for 5 - 6 year olds)

What do I get for my fee?   Official MARA Jerseys and Shorts, gym time for games and practices, and an end of season tournament (No tourney for Co-ed AA).

When do I sign up?   Online starting September 1st.  We take checks and Visa/Mastercard & Discover Card.  Registration closes on November 8th or when the player's age group has reached capacity (whichever comes first).

How are teams formed?   After the player participates in a skill assessment, coaches rank and draft as equitable teams as possible. Your coach will notify you within a day or two of assessments of your team assignment and first practice.

What is my next step?   After you sign-up online or in person, attend your skills assessment (see Skills Assessment Schedule) and wait for a call from your coach.


Why do I only get my practice/game schedule up until the end of 2019 in the beginning?   Because we use gyms that are part of the CMS School System, we are dependent on when gym time becomes available. Due to the beginning of middle school basketball season games in January, we must wait until they schools have their home and away games scheduled before we can schedule our practices/games.

 *no tournament in AA league