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IceForum Hockey Association

Atlanta Phoenix Hockey Club Travel Coaches

The IceForum and the Atlanta Phoenix Hockey Club are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our players' athletic, family and academic areas of life. Coaches are carefully screened and selected based on this committment. 

IHA coaches are proven leaders who are experienced in playing, teaching and coaching the game of ice hockey. Coaches are not selected soley on their level of playing experience, but how effective of a coach they are in developing young studen athletes to be their best. 

Coaching staffs are assisted by NHL alum Yan Kaminsky and Patrick Houlihan in order to provide the most comprehensive player development and team success. Coaching clinics are held throughout the year to help every coach continue to grow in knowledge and learn from each others successes. 

The IceForum coaching program focuses on proper skill development, game understanding, teaching life lessons and intensifying a love for the game. 


Yan Kaminsky~Director of Youth Hockey

Mr. Kaminsky has played professional hockey for 13 years, he is a former New York Islanders NHL player.  His coaching experience has been with the Lazers, Jr. Thrashers and Thunder organizations and he continues to be a key member of the Atlanta Phoenix and Thunder player development coaches.  Coach Kaminsky and Coach Bowen's Tier 1 15U team  was a Distric Winner, and continued to Nationals, his Tier 11 14U team, GA State Champions and Bronze medal winners at Nationals.