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            The YAC softball program is entering into a pilot program beginning with the Spring 2007 season.  All the division breakdowns have changed as well as the rules for each division.  Instead of breaking the divisions down by grades, they will be broke down by ages.  Whatever age your daughter is as of January 1st, will determine which division she will play in.  Consideration will be given to those girls that have played YAC Softball in any season previous to the Spring of 2007 season for those girls that want to continue to play with their friends, but their age is not appropriate for our divisions.  We are trying it out this Spring and these changes will be evaluated after the season to see if the changes will be made permanent.  Please look at the drop downs on the left for each division.

            Every girl that plays in the Spring 2007 season must have a parent/guardian attend one general meetings that will be scheduled for softball (there will be 4 dates scheduled and you MUST attend one).  At this meeting, the changes to softball will be explained in depth, code of conduct will be covered (we will do away with signing a form & handing it in to your coach), as well as some other topics.  The parent/guardian attending the meeting must bring an original birth certificate so that your daughter's age can be verified & established (should the changes become permanent this will be the only time this will be required).   These changes are being made to make our program even better.