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9/24/2009   Athletic Council Minutes
This meeting was called for all coaches/booster club presidents in order to share important insurance information with the group and briefly discuss the function of the Athletic Council. ( Written information was provided regarding The Council for Timberlane Athletics: philosophy, structure, booster club responsibilities)
This is year #1 of the Athletic Council making a transition from the previous council.
Our first fundraiser was a huge success. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at bills/financial responsibilities of the council. The topic of Athletic Insurance came up related to fundraising. We did speak with the previous treasurer and it has come to our attention that our athletic insurance has lapsed. The laws of coverage changed in the last several years and we need to come into compliance with insurance.
Angelo apologized to the several booster clubs who were not able to hold fundraising events as the clubs/students were not insured.
*A projected list of fundraisers has been asked of each booster club. This should be handed into Angelo. The list is necessary in order to determine if the fundraising event is insured by the policy we have. We do not want to have to continually call for riders.
David Hansbury, from Joseph Hills Insurance Agency, spoke to the group about the risks involved with running booster fundraising and the primary areas of which we need to carry insurance.
 Risk in Fundraising Activities: The 4 Key Areas of Exposure = liability loss, dishonesty loss, property loss, directors & officer coverage (for board members)
1-      Liability loss – bodily injury/property damage, participant injury. Liability ins.covers defense cost. Standard amount of coverage for liability would be 1 million.
2-      Dishonesty loss – misuse of funds
3-      Property loss/risk – inventory of goods (sweatshirts,t-shirts,etc) If you make a large purchase you should turn it over to the property of the school and then you are no longer liable.
      4-Directors & Officer Coverage – you can be sued by someone if they don’t think you did a good job. You can be sued for “what you did” or “didn’t do”.( There is a possibility your homeowners or an umbrella policy will cover you.)
The temporary policy we have in place with National Booster Insurance excludes a lot. David, Lisa and Angelo will be looking at Standard policies, that cover more, to eliminate having to add riders/ ongoing. We do not know how much an insurance policy is going to cost us.
*School Team Tournaments are covered by the school.
If the Booster is sponsoring an event you need to find out from the school if they will cover you under their insurance.
Question was asked – Are spectators covered with the NHIAA insurance? Angelo will inquire and let us know.
Keep in mind; if the boosters are making money then we need to make sure we are covered under our insurance policy.
Treasurer Lisa Gardella spoke about our finances. She prepared and handed out the General Ledger Trial Balance for The Council for Timberlane Athletics.
As of Sept. 30, 2009.
In starting the “new” council Lisa filed with the federal government as a 501C3 organization, effective January 1, 2009. Non-profit organization. If the organization makes over $5000.00 per year then taxes need to be filed. We have a new Tax ID# for The Council for Timberlane Athletics. Every booster club account needs to have this Tax ID# added onto the account.
The name on the account does not change. (It is just the addition of the Federal Tax ID#).
As of December 31, 2009, Lisa needs to have a copy of all account finances. In the next few weeks, Lisa will be sending a copy of quick books to each booster club treasurer/president (whom ever is handling the finances of the booster club) She will train these people on using the quick book. With this in place it will make the filing of our taxes much easier. (Lisa is able to provide quick books to our council at no charge as she is a retailer for quick books.
The main function of The Council for Timberlane Athletics is to fundraise in order to provide 4 $500 scholarships to graduating seniors every year. (This is our major driving force)
We also fundraise for senior awards ceremony, scholar athlete awards, and senior awards banquet.
Council meetings are monthly and finances will be covered every month.
Respectfully Submitted,
Shari-Ann Bishop

Council Minutes, September 17, 2009
In attendance: Lisa Gardella, Angelo Fantasia, Dave Ouellette, Julie Lockard, Shari-Ann Bishop
Money that the council needs to account for yearly:
*scholar athletes
*scholarships ( 4 @ $500/ea)
*senior awards banquet
We have $8,600.00. The funds from the previous council have not yet been transferred. It will be transferred in Don Woodworth’s name and he will then sign it over to our council.
We will be putting $10,000.oo aside to cover the next 5 years of scholarships.
Lisa has been working with David Hansbury, of Hills Insurance Agency,on getting us insurance coverage. (The General Liability Insurance Guidelines changed in 2003.)
 The North American Booster Club Association has insurance for Booster Clubs. The cost is $195/yrly. There are exclusions in the policy – alcohol, fireworks, cars not insured. However, we can get riders for exclusions. Lisa is going to submit our application first thing Friday morning. If we decide we do not want this policy or we find another policy – we can just retract our submission.
With this particular policy we have to be one corporation:
*All booster clubs have to be under the council
*One federal tax ID# covers everyone
*One tax return is filed
*We have to be a non-profit organization
         Going forward – Lisa would like to give all the boosters a copy of the quick books.
                 * All Boosters will need to report to the council Jan 1st to Dec.31 every year.
                 *Booster records will need to be kept somewhere central.
                 *We should/will discuss having an audit committee to go through the records for reconciliation.
The council will be calling for a mandatory meeting next week. David Hansbury has offered to give a seminar on Loss Prevention.
*As insurance coverage is not yet in place, tagging will not occur this weekend.
Hockey currently has their golf tournament scheduled for the weekend of Sept.26th and it is vital that we try to obtain insurance coverage prior. Lisa is aware and is working diligently to get us insured. She will be in touch with Dave Ouellette if need be.
With regard to our “new” Federal Tax ID# = Lisa will be going to Bank North on Friday morning 9/18/09 to discuss how to circumvent closing and re-opening of the bank accounts.
Thank you letters will be sent out to the sponsors and golfers who supported the golf tournament.
Discussion took place with regard to having an “on line” store for teams (Atlantic Sports Center) so coaches and boosters don’t have to worry about any orders/purchases. We can set the link to the web site up through our school website. Each sport will get their own profit from purchases made.
Respectfully submitted,
Shari-Ann Bishop