The Eden Prairie Track and Field Association (EPTFA) is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to the promotion, teaching and fostering of amateur track and field skills and competition. The primary audience shall be Eden Prairie youth but yo

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Important Paperwork:


If you have not already done so, it is necessary to complete both a membership application to the USATF as well as a background check to fulfill our requirement for you to coach.  As a provision of our insurance coverage these two things are required and not negotiable.  If you are unable to complete this online, we will have the necessary paperwork at the meeting this Sunday.  If you will not be attending the meeting, we need to complete this step ASAP online, and then after completion, you need to forward the confirmation and receipts to   and EPTFA will reimburse you for the costs associated that are needed for you to coach.


(1) and complete your membership online.  When you have completed the process and receive your number please forward your number and receipt to our treasurer and EPTFA will reimburse you for the cost of an annual membership up to $30.


Please go through the appropriate steps to complete the study (approx. 15 minutes).  When you have completed the study the company will send you an email confirmation.  Please forward the confirmation to our treasurer and EPTFA will reimburse for the $16 cost. Some of you who have coached in the past may have a background check that was good for two years. In that case please screen shot the screen showing that you have a completed two year check.


Feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have or would like to discuss the process. Please contact me at 


See you on the track!