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Important information for the Parents……
  • Minor cuts such as fingers or a split chin IceForum will provide a bag of ice and a bandage or gauze and tape
  • IceForum will not dispense aspirin or any pain reliever due to the possibility of an allergic reaction
  • IceForum does not dispense any form of an antibiotic due to the possibility of an allergic reaction
  • In the event of someone possibly breaking a limb employees are directed not to move the person from the ice but to immediately call 911. If it is a child and the parent elects to move the child and take responsibility that is their choice.
  • In the event of a head or neck injury no employee or parent is to try to move the child but to call 911 immediately.
When arriving at the rink for a game or practice, please see front counter staff to lock the room when you’re ready to go on the ice. Your team is responsible for any damages to the locker room while in their use and it must be left in a clean condition.
Coaches who keep parents informed goes a long way toward heading off potential problems. This can be especially important if coaches need to change a player’s position (ex. Offense to defense) or had to sit a child because of a discipline problem. The coaching staff is responsible to notify all parents immediately of any schedule changes, new policies, or other related hockey news.
  1. The coaches must report all on and off ice injuries to the Hockey department as soon as possible.
  2. All release forms must be forwarded to the Hockey Department so we can file them.
  3. The players who are coming back from injuries must present the coach a medical release from the doctor saying that the player is allowed to skate on the ice.
  4. For Pee Wee division and up the player must have a second statement from the doctor that saying this player can play full physical contact on the ice.
  5. All players skating rehab must wear their full hockey equipment during on ice practices.
Neckguards and mouthguards are required on the ice for all games and practices. It is the COACHES responsibility to make sure that all players are wearing neckguards and mouthguards for all games and practices. For the safety of our players the referees association has been ask by IHA to watch very closely for neckguards and mouthguards. The penalty is 10 min misconduct for equipment violation. So, to avoid any problems, please take this very seriously.
Just a friendly reminder,
IHA adheres to the Zero tolerance policy of USA Hockey. Unsportsmanlike behavior by players, parents and coaches will not be tolerated. There is nothing to be gained by verbally abusing, heckling or persisting in disruptive behavior before, during or after a game. The officials and IceForum rink management have the ability and obligation to request the removal of the disruptive individual from the facility. Repeated poor behavior by person attending or participating in an IHA game may result in the league taking action.
*Minor officials of the game, this is the scorekeeper, timekeeper and penalty box person, must remain neutral during the game. Parents unable to maintain a professional and unbiased attitude will be removed and should not be allowed to do these jobs again. 
Exit Policy
Players will line up at center ice before the game for the traditional handshake. After the game, home team players will skate to their bench and wait for the visiting team to exit the ice before they leave the ice surface. Only if the coaches agree and have good control of the situation after the game we encourageboth teams do the traditional handshake after the game for good sportsmanship.
Allowed number of coaches per team
There will be 4 Official coaches per team for Ice Forum Hockey Association Hockey Teams. This will include 1 official Head Coach and a maximum of 3 Official Assistant Coaches. They must be certified at the current level of USA Hockey that they are coaching.
Junior Thrashers Game Jersey for ALL games
All players MUST wear their Atlanta Junior Thrashers Game Jersey for ALL games. We are very proud of our program and everyone needs to represent the program in which they participate in.
Policy in regards to substitute players
  1. If you have 10 players on your team, you can not ask anyone else to play with your team. You have two full lines one on the ice every other shift, 10 players should be a good number to maintain a healthy intensity throughout the one hour game in the house league.
  2. If you have 9 players, you may ask 1 othercurrent IHA registered player from another team in your age house league division to come skate with you to maintain 10 skaters.
  3. If you have 8 confirmed players coming to your game, you may then ask 2 players to play for your team.
  4. If substitute players are used, the coach MUST notify the other coach which players are playing as substitutes.
  5. Coaches must rotate substitute player selection each game.

IceForum Hockey Association

Information regarding player ice time Fall House and Spring hockey leagues
The policy of the House League program is to give players, no matter their skill level, equal playing time.
Additional guidelines:
~There are to be no power play lines or short-handed lines.
As part of their hockey development, each player must be given an opportunity to be part of a power play and short-handed line.
~Teams that have two goalies need to make sure the goalies receive equal ice time. It will be between the Coach and the goalies to decide if they split the game or alternate every other game.
~Goalie policy (If you don’t have your goalie for the game you have a few options):
  1. Ask all coaches in your division if you can borrow their goalie for your game.
  2. If no goalies in you division can substitute, you can ask coaches in lower division to help you with the goalie situation.
  3. If no goalies are available from either division, you must dress one of your players as a goalie.
Goalie policy for the Semi-Final and Championship games, if your goalie is not available:
  1. Ask all coaches in your division that are not in the Championship game if you can borrow a goalie.
  2. If no goalies in you division can substitute, you can ask coaches in lower division to help you with the goalie situation.
  3. If no goalies are available from either division, you must dress one of your players as a goalie.


The Fall House and Spring hockey leaguesGames Curfew
Please read the following carefully and implement the procedures outlined below. Please inform your scorekeeper of these procedures.
  1. Be ready to take the ice at your start time. Your hour timeframe begins when you take the ice, not when the game begins. Do not delay the start of the game because a goalie is not ready. Put a player in net until the goalie can join the game. Have players stretch in the locker room.
  2. Set the game clock for a 3 min. warm-up. Blow the horn to signal the end of warm-up and the start of the game. This should give you appx. 55 min. of game time.
  3. Have the scorekeeper note at the top of the score sheet the time you took the ice. During warm-up the scorekeeper should confirm with the zamboni driver, the time the ice was taken and that in 1 hour the timekeeper will sound the horn signaling the conclusion of the game. Both the scorekeeper and driver should initial the time.
  4. At the conclusion of the game the zamboni doors will open. Players should immediately exit the ice.
  5. ALL HOUSE LEAGUE GAMES ARE CURFEW AND MUST BE PLAYED IN 60 MINUTES. All games must be completed in one hour. If your game is running long you will need to go to run the time in the 3rd period. The timekeeper should inform the referees who will then notify the benches.
  6. You need to estimate 2 minutes of real time for every minute of game time remaining.
  9. Ice cuts will be done prior to the start of each game.
  10. Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
***All game, match or gross misconducts must be reported immediately to your divisional coordinator at and . If you have another game the following day, it is the coaches’ responsibility to be sure the player with the game misconduct or match misconduct is present at the game, but does not play. The player can’t be on the bench with the team and must sign the score sheet after the game.
            In accordance with USA Hockey, any player, coach or official assessed a Match or Gross Misconduct penalty by a game official is immediately suspended from all game and practices.  In addition, immediate suspension by agreement of the IHA Hockey Director and the IHA Hockey Administrator may be assessed for other infractions.  Any such suspension, from all games and practices shall remain in effect until the matter has been reviewed by the IHA Hockey Director and Hockey Administrator. 
Players and coaches will have seven (7) days to submit in writing any accounting of events they would like considered prior to a ruling.  Notification of all rulings will be sent via USA mail to suspended party.
Any suspended player must attend all team games as a spectator.  The player must check in with a league official present at the rink.  The suspended player or coach may not sit on the bench while serving their suspension.  In addition, any player assessed a game misconduct penalty, for any reason, is automatically suspended from the current game and the following scheduled game, as it appears on the official IHA schedule at the time of the infraction.
In a case where financial responsibility has been assigned to the suspended player, the period of the suspension shall run for the amount of time determined by the IHA Hockey Director and the Administrator as stated above and thereafter until total resolution has been made to satisfaction of the IHA.
USA Hockey has established Zero Tolerance Guidelines with respect towards the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators at all the USA Hockey events.  A minor penalty can be assessed to the home team if an unruly spectator does not leave the rink under direction of the referee.
This list of infractions may be amended from time to time in accordance with changes to the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules.
Each parent or legal guardian shall be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have received a copy of this document and that they and their child agree to be bound by it.



*Please be respectful of these guidelines.

*Thank you for helping us keep on schedule!

*Thank you for your cooperation.