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Tournament/Travel Softball

The following is a brief overview of MARA’s Tournament Softball program.  A detailed description can found in Tournament Softball Procedure located in the Documents menu on the softball page.


Tournament Softball provides an opportunity for MARA players to play tournament-only softball versus high-level competition, primarily against dedicated travel-softball teams.  Players in the program play in organized tournaments instead of MARA’s recreation league.  Many of these tournaments will be local, within 45 minutes, while others will be hosted on MARA fields. 

Player Eligibility
MARA Tournament Softball is intended to provide a travel-level softball experience for players who have previously played Rec ball at MARA; Legacy players. However, the program allows for a number of non-MARA players to be chosen for the roster of each team, per a set of guidelines. MARA always encourages new players to join the association and become MARA Legacy players, yet is careful to not do so at the expense of standing Legacy players. Through the tryout process, MARA Tournament teams are required to reserve eight (8) roster spots for Legacy players. The remaining roster openings may be filled by Legacy or non-Legacy players, at the discretion of the Coach and Commissioner. Exceptions must be requested by the Coach and are subject to Commissioner and Board approval. In the case that there are fewer than eight Legacy players interested in the team, a minimum standard of six (6) MARA Legacy players is in place, in order for the team to move forward.

MARA Tournament Softball will be offered for 10u, 12u, and 14u players.  While not available at the 8u level, 8u rec-players will continue to enjoy the option of playing Challenge Softball.  10u, 12u, and 13u rec-players will also continue to have Challenge Softball available to them.  Please note that Tournament Softball players are not eligible for All-Stars.

Why Offer Tournament Softball?
The MARA softball program has grown significantly over the last few years.  MARA continues to add features, such as Challenge Softball, and now Tournament Softball, to attract and retain players.  MARA is committed to advancing the softball program and providing more female athletes an opportunity to learn and compete.     

Will It Affect MARA’s Rec Program?
Recreation Softball has been and will continue to be a top priority for MARA.  The Tournament Softball program is neither a substitute for, nor a competitor to, recreation-softball.  It is simply another path that MARA players can choose.  The new program is expected to enhance rec-softball by attracting more players to the league and by retaining them longer at MARA. 

Is It Part of MARA?
The program is 100% MARA.  For example….

  • The teams are branded as MARA
  • Practices are held at MARA
  • Organized tournaments are occasionally played at MARA 

Who is Eligible?
The program was created for MARA families.  Eligible players will include those who have played any MARA sport for at least one season, or, have a sibling playing a MARA sport during the previous or current calendar year.

How Will Teams be Selected?
Team are selected through a formal tryout….

  • Slots are limited
  • Players will be assessed on their skills – throwing, catching, hitting, pitching and speed

What are the Costs? 
Families can expect the costs to be much greater than participating on a MARA rec team.  Tournament fees, gate fees, and traveling costs, will require a significant financial commitment.