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MARA's coaches are the volunteers that are the backbone of our league. They are our moms and dads who give of their time and energy to help make us the best softball league anywhere. They teach the sport, coach the games, keep the parents informed and role model fair play and sportsmanship to our daughters. They are the mentors our kids will remember years from now, when they play in high school or college, or move on and introduce their own kids to the game. And you could be one of them!

We welcome volunteers to coach at all age levels. Bring your experience and knowledge, your love of the game and your passion for working with kids. It's a fun and rewarding experience that you'll never forget, and one you'll probably want to come back for, season after season.

MARA takes the duties of a head coach seriously. Before stepping on the field for the fun, all coaches must pass through the following process:

  • Signed MARA volunteer application
  • Thorough background check
  • Interview with Coach Selection Committee
  • Approval of Committee, Commissioner and MARA Board

Coaches are screened and approved, and they're also given all the tools they need to be successful. The coach certification course is an introduction to coaching style and philosophy, as well as techniques and drills to bring to practice. Coach orientation meetings are held, and veteran coaches are available to help at every step along the way, from player assessments and drafting, to the end-of-season tournament.

If you are interested in becoming the coach of your daughter's team, please contact the Softball Commissioner, Chang Zeng, at
or 704-941-0483.