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Here is the link to the form that teams must use for any canceled games and to request a game be rescheduled.

Game cancellation/rescheduling request form

This form is used for all game cancellations and rescheduling requests during the YLM season (June 10-July 31).
  1. All rescheduling requests must use this form.
  2. For all cancellations more than 54 hours before the game (generally 12:00 noon two days before the game), teams need only submit this form.
  3. For all cancellations made within 54 hours of the start of the game, the home team is responsible for contacting the officials directly as well as submitting this form.
Cancellations are posted as quickly as possible. Rescheduling requests will be reviewed and posted as soon as possible but that may take as long as one week.

Please do not assume your game has been rescheduled until you confirm the game is posted in the Master Schedule on this site.