The BHAI offers teams at levels from Mite to Midget, and also offers powerskating sessions and pre-Mite programs.

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Not sure if your child is ready to join? If you are participating in our learn to play clinic, speak with your coach. If you have played with another organization, call and ask for an evaluation.

Please be aware that this is a team commitment. Make sure your player can attend both practices and games before registering.

Your skater you can join and be pro-rated at any point in the session and be placed on a team.

You do not need USA Hockey Registration to participate.

If you are unsure of how to dress your player in full equipment, please ask a coach for assistance before they take the ice.


Q: What is House League?
A: The House League is designed to foster a love for the game while developing basic skills. The league promotes creativity and fosters the development of basic skills by letting the kids just play the game. The house league meets once per weekend for games. Players should have some basic skills and permission from the Learn to Play director to enter the House League.


To Register click this link: House League (