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Charlotte, NC
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MARA Co-ed Basketball

AA(5-6 year old) Co-ed Skills Assessments




“AA” League - Player ages 5 & 6 (age as of August 1, 2019; Co-ed)


Cost $125  

Practices/Games:  Saturdays only, between 9 am and 3 pm, at Matthews Elementary, McKee Rd Elementary, or Elizabeth Lane Elementary 


The objectives of the “AA” League Basketball programs are to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, develop basketball skills and most of all to have fun.  We want the players to enjoy their experience playing a team sport.

Teams consist of approximately 6 players and games are played in a 4 versus 4 format.  Games are played on 8-9 ft goals to develop proper shooting form.

Games are refereed by the hands-on coaches with an emphasis on basic fundamentals such as traveling, double dribbles and boundaries.  There is a “no steals” rule and each game consists of 8 minute quarters.  Our season will include approximately 8 weeks of games and practices will be on Saturdays.

Our season is geared towards preparing the players for "A" (7-8 year old) league competition where games include game clocks, referees and regulation 10 ft Baskets.


For more information, please contact the AA Co-Ed League Commissioner:

Ed Winser  704.577.8573  winser821@yahoo.com