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Charlotte, NC
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MARA Girls Basketball

Eligible Participants - Girls


·         “AA” League - Player ages 5 & 6 (age as of August 1, 2015)- Coed

·         “A” League - Player ages 7 & 8 (age as of August 1, 2015)

·         “B” League - Player ages 9 & 10 (age as of August 1, 2015)

·         “C” League - Player ages 11- 13 (age as of August 1, 2015)


Based on our MARA members' feedback our goal is to have eight girls on each team at the A-C levels. This will greatly improve their skills, and allow each child more playing time.

Playing in our local area Middle and High School gyms with professional referees, high school rules, and scoreboard make the MARA league the place to play girls' basketball in southeast Charlotte.

MARA Girls Basketball is dedicated to providing the highest quality basketball programs for all ages and talent levels. Our girls have fun playing as a team and working on fundamentals. We also plan to run clinics for both players and coaches.

Teams play a 10 game season and participate in a double elimination "Tournament of Champions" to crown individual league champions.

While each league has its own league rules that are based on the various age groups, the overall league is governed by the 2015-2016 North Carolina High School girls basketball rules. This makes the MARA girls recreational league basketball one of the finest in Mecklenburg County.

Fees:  AA League (Coed) $175
Fees:  A - C League (Girls) $215

AA (Coed League) Commissioner:  TBD
Please contact the overall commissioner, Josh Skudlarick with questions 

A-C (Girls' League) Commissioner: Dave Moody (704) 844-2947  david.moody@ipaper.com