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Leadership Development

Equilibrium Up's - Leadership Development Academy 

MARA Basketball is partnering with Equilibrium Up to provide leadership development training for our student athletes.  

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Equilibrium Up’s Leadership Development Academy

6 Sessions Objectives/Description:
These sessions cover basic tenets of leadership and techniques employed by emerging leaders as student athletes. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, leadership styles, leadership qualities, handling conflicts and other aspects of leadership.
Upon completion of the sessions students should be able to 

  • explain various leadership styles
  • discuss hurdles that leaders may encounter
  • the best way to lead by example

Students should be able to detect various barriers that may prevent leaders from being successful and be relied upon to assist with building a great culture as determined by their coach, administrator, teachers or parents.
In simple terms: “Time management, be accountable, responsible, reliable, consistent, committed, be able to avoid and diffuse conflict and while being true to who you are.”


6 Weeks, 45 minute Sessions each Week, on a Monday's at Crestdale Middle School

Start date Monday, 11/13/2017 continuing 11/20, 11/27, 12/04 , 12/11 and 12/18/2017


6 - 7 pm for ages 10 - 12 years old

7 - 8 pm for ages 13 - 15 years old



The Leadership Development Academy is an optional learning opportunity for MARA Basketball players, boys and girls, between the ages of 10 - 15 years old.  


Cost is $40.00 per student athlete for all 6 weeks of the Leadership Development Academy - a great value and special rate for MARA!


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Equilibrium Up Website - Click Here to Learn More


The LDA will teach skills that will be valuable at school, home, athletic and social settings.

The LDA will help your teams & student athletes navigate hurdles during the maturation process.