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Please Note: All YAC Girls Lacrosse players interested in trying out for a travel team must register for in-house first.  If your player wishes to tryout for a travel team you will be required to register and pay an additional $25.00 TRYOUT FEE that will cover the gymnasium time.  If your player is selected for a team there will be an additional fee that is still TBD.


Participation in YAC Girls Travel Lacrosse Program carries with it a higher commitment and set of expectations from the players and their families as outlined in this document. This year the YAC Girls Travel Team will consist of two separate teams.  There will only be 7/8th grade team this year.  


Ideal Player Candidate:The ideal candidate for a YAC Girls Travel Player and/or their families should posses:

* A commitment to lacrosse as their PRIMARY spring sport. 

* Respect for the game, your opponent, the officials, your coaches teammates and yourself is a must.

* Honesty within all aspects of the YAC Girls Travel Program.

* Display good sportsmanship at all times.

* A commitment to developing her skills beyond the time spent in practice.  This means practicing at home on off time.

* A understanding of the higher level of competition inherent with travel sports

* Above average stick skills

* Above average knowledge of the game or an ability to learn quickly  


Tryouts & Evaluations:

The YAC Girls Travel Team Tryouts are open to all YAC Girls in good standing who are currently in Grades 7th to 8th grades.

The YAC will schedule up to (3) separate 90 minute travel evaluation with dates in mid November. In an effort to minimize conflicts, players are required to attend (2) of the (3) evaluations, but we highly encourage players to attend all (3).

All evaluations will be conducted by independent evaluators. 

Players will be evaluated on several criteria not limited to:

* Stick Skills with both left/right hand

* Game knowledge/IQ

* Speed/Agility

* Attitude & Hustle


The Season:

Duration: 12 Weeks

Expected Start Date: Tuesday March 24, 2020 End Date: Saturday, May 31, 2020

Practices: 3 per week. Monday, Tues and Thursday 8:00-9:30 PM. Expected Practices: 24-33

Scheduled Contests:  consisting of 8-10 games and up to 3 tournaments 

Contests & Practices: Roughly 40 total days


The Rules:

Participation Commitment:

The YAC Girls Lacrosse program has many highly qualified players at the 7/8th grade level. However, it is inherently unfair to have roster spots go to players who are less than fully committed to playing lacrosse during the spring season. We understand and are sensitive to certain situations that may occur making it difficult for your daughter to participate in 100% of the events.

As a result, ALL families & players selected for travel teams acknowledge & agree:

To make the YAC Girls Travel Lacrosse Team their priority program for the entire Spring season. Should a conflict arise between a scheduled event as per the calendar and another athletic/performance event, the player is expected to play in the YAC Girls Travel event.

A mandatory 90% or greater attendance for all scheduled travel events (including practices, team meetings, games and tournaments) i.e If the season has 30 scheduled events, players are required to participate in 27 of them and permitted to miss a total of 5.

If a player exceeds the 10% allowance, they will no longer be eligible to participate in the YAC Girls Travel Program and will be removed from the team. That player can choose to play the remainder of the season on an in-house team. Injured players are still expected to come to team events. The YAC reserves the right to make exceptions for injury and long term illness or other lacrosse related activities. 

Discipline Prior to reaching the 10% Absence will be as follows:

Excused Absence- Family, Religous and School Events, Illness and Injury

There is no penalty for missing a Travel event for an excused absence unless the total exceeds the 90% committment.

Should that occur, the player will be removed from the team.


Unexcused Absence: Any athletic/performance event not lacrosse related

First Occurrence: Loss of playing time not to exceed first 25 minutes of the next game

Second Occurrence: Required to attend but not participate in the next game

Third Occurrence: 1 week suspension from all Girls Travel Team related events (practices, games, meetings)

Fourth Occurrence: Elevated to the YAC Board of Directors for resolution which could lead to removal from the team.


Refunds will not be given to those unable to adhere to this agreed upon commitment policy.

Player Expectations:

Players are expected to be at all practices and games prepared to start at the previously communicated and scheduled time, i.e. If practice begins at 4:30 pm, you are expected to be dressed and ready to start at 4:30, not arriving at the field. 

Players are expected to bring both sets of uniforms to all games.

Players are expected to take responsibility for their own development as athletes and make a time investment into it outside of practice

Parent Expectations: Strict adherence to all 12 points of the YAC Code of Conduct is expected. Parents are expected not to shout instruction to the players during a game.

Coaches Expectations: Coaches are expected to be positive role models for players and parents. Coaches are expected to be on time and prepared for all practices and games. Coaches are expected to have a practice plan that promotes skill & lacrosse IQ development as well as the Positive Coaching Alliance. Coaches are expected to make every effort possible to proactively communicate any schedule changes with the team.


Penalties for Lateness/Early Departure and Dishonesty: 

First Occurrence: Verbal Warning

Second Occurrence: Written warning via email

Third Occurrence: Loss if playing time not to exceed beginning 12 minutes of the first half of the next game

Fourth Occurrence: Loss of playing time not to exceed first 25 minutes of the next game

Fifth Occurrence: Elevated to the YAC Board of Directors for resolution which could lead to removal from the team.

If a player of their family purposely lies to a Coach in respects to their being late, needing to leave early or being absent as it relates to playing for another athletic team/performance, the matter will immediately be brought before the YAC Board of Directors for a Code of Conduct Violation

Summary: We expect, encourage and support athletes playing other sports during the year as it both increases athletic development and adds to players’ enthusiasm for all sports they play. Additionally, the YAC and the coaches understand that academics and education are a higher priority and commitment for our players than sports. As such, players will have other non-sport related activities that will need to take a priority. On the rare chance where it is know in advance that these events will cause a player to miss more than 10% of a communicated travel team's events, players should elect to participate in the house program instead. Likewise, if you are not prepared to make YAC travel lacrosse your priority, or foresee conflicts as mentioned, we offer our in-house 7/8th grade team where players can develop their skills and have fun but where there is more flexibility regarding attendance


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